Cyber ETEE Conference 12-14 July 2022 / Cyber ETEE Summer School 12-15 July 2022 (ESDC Activity 21-22/260/1)

Cybersecurity has become a prime factor in global social and economic stability. The increasing importance of cyber security has been enhanced by the international events through the collateral effects of the Global Pandemics and the War in Ukraine. The Euro-Atlantic area is one of the most exposed in terms of cyber risks due to geopolitical conditions and the high degree of technology that attracts inherent threats from state and non-state cyber attackers.

Jointly organized with 6-th Edition of Black Sea Cyber Security Conference

As a global industry, the maritime one is of overwhelming importance by its nature and by its ability to affect the world economy through strategic rebound effects. Maritime cybersecurity will have to address extremely difficult issues because the maritime industry functions as an area of convergence of critical infrastructures where the risk of contagion and adverse effects that are difficult to estimate is very high.

To address this complex issue of cyber security in the maritime field, Constanta Maritime University, with the support of the European Security and Defense College, is pleased to invite all EU Member States, EU institutions, EU relevant agencies as well as all interested experts to the following events:

SUMMER SCHOOL: As a major training resource, Cyber ETEE Summer School (strategic/tactical/ technical level), will take place in Constanta, Romania at the headquarters of the Maritime University between 12-15 July 2022.

Summer School Agenda

Excerpts from the Cyber Security Conference

Excerpts of the opening session – Cyber ETEE Conference & Summer School – July 12-15, 2022


Cyber Power Geopolitics

Cyber Diplomacy and Deterence

Ransomware Global Terrorism

Cyber Intelligence

Cyber Society Resilience

Mutually Assured Cybersecurity

Cyber Insurance and Supply Chain

Surveillance and Privacy

The conference brought together more than 27 speakers from Europe, the United States and Israel addressing a mainstream topics in the complex field of cybersecurity. The presentations and comments were available in the conference room but also online.

The summer school benefited from the scientific and educational contribution of 25 lecturers from Europe, the United States and Israel who presented a rich curriculum focused on the main cyber security directions in 2022.

About Cyber ETEE Summer School

Cyber ETEE Summer School will highlight the multidimensional character of cybersecurity with a focus on maritime sector. Lecturers will address technical, political, military, academic, and private sectors points of view, with comprehensive and cross-sector cooperation approaches, aiming to strengthen cybersecurity expertise on national and international levels.
Participants should be junior to senior officials from EU Member States governmental institutions, Academia, research, training actors, EU Institutions and Agencies. Applications are to be filed via the ESDC secure internet system ENLIST by designated nominators (see the list here). The Cyber ETEE Summer School courses will be held in English, in residential session as well as e-Learning.

  • Participation: The course is open to civilian and military personnel from EU Member States, EU institutions/agencies.
  • Application: The EU Member States, institutions, and agencies are invited to identify, select, and nominate their appropriate candidates no later than 27th June 2022. Applications should be submitted by designated nominators using the ESDC ENLIST platform.
  • Registration will not be completed until confirmation by the ESDC Secretariat and upon completion of the registration form by the nominated participant.
  • For any issue concerning the application, registration, and nomination processes, please contact:
    • ESDC Training Manager: Mr. Horatius GARBAN (
    • ESDC Cyber ETEE FMB:
    • ESDC Secretariat:
    • Course Director (CMU-RO): Vice-Rector Gabriel Raicu, PhD (
      • Language: The language regime of the course will be English.
      • E-Learning: a mandatory eLearning module (Internet-based Distance Learning – IDL) will be scheduled from 1st July 2022 and will have to be finalised before the Summer School starts.
      • Attendance: participants’ online attendance at the course is mandatory on all days. A certificate will be awarded on the last day to those participants who will have completed the entire e-learning and all days of residential activitiy.
      • Costs: participants do not have to pay any participation fees to attend this activity. The sending authority will support the transport, accommodation and per-diem for all participants.
      • Further detailed information regarding this course will be forwarded via e-mail directly to course participants as soon as the attendance list is confirmed.

Venue: Constanta Maritime University, 104 Mircea cel Batran Str., 900663, Constanta, Romania

Previous Editions of Black Sea Cyber Security Conference

(BSCySEC historical overview)

The BSCySEC conference series started in 2017 and continued with nodal events in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021, the speakers of the conference being among the most knowledgeable in the field of cyber security and its applications in the maritime industry. The institutional actors participating in the latest editions of the conference have definitely influenced the perception and measures on cyber security at the global level, the measures taken leading to the increase of responsibilities and efficiency of emerging and innovative technologies.

1-st Edition
2-nd Edition
3-rd Edition
4-th Edition
5-th Edition